Unlock Your Property Goals with 'The Buyers' Advantage'

Ready to transform your property dreams into reality?

Meet 'The Buyer's Advantage,' your ticket to partnering with a dedicated Buyers Agent to accomplish your property goals.


You're eager to break into the property market, perhaps you even have your finance pre-approval ready…


Yet you find yourself with feelings of doubt and fear.

Everyone has an opinion on the market and what you should be doing with YOUR money and well, it is starting to hold you back.

Enter 'The Buyers' Advantage'

A mentoring program offering direct access to Jo Vadillo a buyers agent with over 20 years of buying experience. Our aim is to guide, educate, and empower you with the confidence and knowledge needed and hosting a housewarming in no time!

Expert Knowledge


Coaching and Support


Valuable Resources

You deserve a stress-free journey to homeownership.

You are probably like most women juggling multiple roles, time poor and whilst excited for the next step with your property purchase it does seem, well, a little daunting.

The Buyers Advantage is aimed for new investors and home buyers whether you have finance in place yet or not. Plus you also gain access to our team of independent experts and a tonne of resources.

We literally unpack everything for you. From decoding initial inspections to mastering negotiations, we've got your back every step of the way.

Consider us your personal property guides, helping you confidently navigate towards homeownership with ease minus the cost of a one-to-one buyers agent yet still delivering the benefits that come with access to a property buying professional.

Our mentoring program includes a resource library, masterclasses, real-time Q&A, onboarding strategy sessions and a treasure trove of tips aimed at saving you both time and money.

So be kind to yourself, you deserve a stress-free journey to homeownership.

What even is a Buyers Agent and why do you need one?

Buyers Agents are well-connected, experienced property professionals who understand market conditions, how to source suitable properties, negotiate deals like a boss and facilitate the closing process.

Buying a property can sometimes feel like looking at a map with no destination in mind and this is where a Buyers Agents can truly shine.

As part of The Buyers Advantage you get access to Jo and her team, a personalised strategy session, ongoing Q&A access, mentoring, self-paced online education and masterclasses.


Is this Property Mentoring Program for you?

➡️ You have been saving and dreaming about securing your first home or an investment

➡️ Currently sticking to a budget yet crave the guidance and support of a Buyers Agent

➡️ Prepared to dive into live group training and Q&A delivered weekly with practical strategies, accountability and an online community

➡️ Want to commit, learn, buy and settle on a property, possibly in the next 90 days or sooner?

➡️ And you love the idea of having Jo as your dedicated wingwoman for your buying journey!

This mentoring program is results-driven for action takers.


Hi, I'm Jo Vadillo

Professional Buyers Agent | Seasoned Investor | Author | Property Keynote Speaker

With over two decades of experience in property investing, Jo Vadillo has uncovered the secrets to navigating career, life, mindset challenges, and achieving financial freedom through real estate.

It's a path not often taught in traditional education, but Jo is here to fill that gap.

Jo’s mission is clear: she wants to help women just like you achieve the same level of security and financial independence that her family have found through property.

Throughout her journey, Jo has tackled multiple renovations, interstate purchases, engaged in joint ventures, navigated strata, completed subdivisions, built new properties, split blocks, managed co-living spaces, dabbled in Airbnb rentals, invested in multi-dwelling properties, and all while balancing businesses, various projects, and the joys (and fatigue) of parenting three gorgeous boys.

This is now your golden opportunity to learn from someone who's invested her own money and time into the real estate game. Jo is here to share the wisdom, negotiation tactics, insights, and educate buyers on how to source off-market deals that have helped her maximise profits – so you can embark on your own journey to property investing success with confidence and clarity.

Let's do this together.

Our mission at Property Women is to transform 1,000 women’s lives in the property space by 2026.

We want to empower, support and guide on life changing decisions that are both profitable and rewarding.

We would love to help you on that journey. To help you take control of your future.

I love hearing about the stories of other buyers, their experiences and successes. I find it super motivating and makes me feel that this too can be my story.

Felicity W.

I love everything about this community. There is a good balance of information provided across different strategies. I feel like I can make an informed buying decision.

April K.

Love love love the case studies and numbers. I like hearing about a mix of areas and cities. I joined to get educated and understand the best way to invest and have not been disappointed.

Emma R.



A property mentorship program offering expert masterclasses, private strategy sessions, live Q&A sessions and coaching calls with a self-paced online education.

Aimed to empower and inform so you can make smart and profitable decisions.


What's Inside when you join:

Resource Library

(Valued at $397)

Open access to our growing library of online resources, available whenever you need them.

Strategy Session

(Valued at $597)

A one-on-one session with Jo privately to address your goals, current progress, how we can help and set some achievable steps to get into the market and beyond.

Q & A Sessions

(Valued at $197)

Weekly LIVE sessions . Speak directly to me or you can pre-submit any questions you have. All sessions are recorded and accessible in your student portal.

Property Professionals

(Valued at priceless)

VIP Access to our property professional affiliates. These include brokers, solicitors, property managers, financial planners and accountants.

Self-Paced Modules

(Valued at $397)

Open access to our comprehensive digital property buying course. This is at your disposal to view in alignment with your property journey

Guest Masterclasses

(Valued at $397)

Deep dive content sessions plus guest property professionals join us so you can have a thorough understanding of the buying process.

Go from this:

❌ Confused, not really understanding what step is next in the process.

❌ Who you should listen to and what advice is right and more importantly, right for you…


To this:

☑️ Having clarity around your strategy.

☑️ Being able to focus on what is right for you, and your budget, at this stage of life.

☑️ Knowing you can buy with confidence and with the right support.

Step into your property journey with confidence and clarity knowing you have access to a team of unbiased professionals to work on your property journey.

Access to the Property Fundamentals Framework

This self-paced 6-module digital course is available in your library to view when you are ready for the next steps. Depending on the stage of your own journey, you can watch ad-hoc or binge the lot.


Property Fundamentals To Get Started

We cover off the initial steps that every investor needs to address before they start out. Planning for your finances so you can be pre-approved with ease and getting the mindset right.


All Things Strategy

Understanding what this over used word means. We do not condone a one-size-fits-all policy. It needs to be the right fit for you, aligned to your stage of life, budget, goals and capacity.


Property Sourcing

This is the fun part but without getting the groundwork right you could be set up for failure before your first open home. We cover off what to look for, how to use research tools, source off-market properties and approach the market like a boss!


Due Diligence

Understand what you need to look for when conducting due diligence. We will show you how you can assess the future value of your property, rental potential and value add opportunities.


Negotiating the Deal

Discover how you can negotiate the purchase of your property for the best outcome. You will have access to wording for written offers. We provide insights into auction bidding and how to potentially negotiate a sale prior.


After Purchase, Now What?

After the initial buzz of having your offer accepted - what is next? We take you behind the scenes on what to expect from acceptance until key collection at settlement.


👑 Secure Your Spot NOW!

This exclusive offer is your chance to become a savvy, empowered property owner.

Join the "The Buyer's Advantage" today - it is like having a buyer's agent in your back pocket!

3 Monthly Instalments

$497 x 3

3 Affordable Monthly Instalments

  • Access to my 6-part Property Fundamentals Framework to get ahead when it comes to buying a home
  • Exclusive Masterclass invitations
  • Twice weekly LIVE Q&A sessions to have your burning questions answered
  • The Property Professionals black book
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus deals with some providers including Washington Brown and RPData
  • Library of resources and checklists
  • 45-minute private Strategy Session with Jo Vadillo
  • 12 Months access to all resources, modules and community

Upfront Payment


One Payment
A Saving of $194

  • Access to my 6-part Property Fundamentals Framework to get ahead when it comes to buying a home
  • Exclusive Masterclass invitations
  • Twice weekly LIVE Q&A sessions to have your burning questions answered
  • The Property Professionals black book
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus deals with some providers including Washington Brown and RPData
  • Library of resources and checklists
  • 45-minute private Strategy Session with Jo Vadillo
  • 12 Months access to all resources, modules and community
  • BONUS additional 2 x 30 minute pre-purchase coaching calls with Jo

Let's not forget the bonuses!

We have jam-packed this program with so much value because we want you to succeed. For the action-takers, you have the opportunity to secure these bonuses.

Pre-Purchase Coaching Calls

Pay in full bonus.

Navigate the negotiation process with assertiveness and confidence.

Valued at $497

Corelogics RPData Desktop Appraisals

We will include searches on the properties you are interested in. Simply email the team and we will run the reports for you.

Valued at $79 per report

Washington Brown Depreciation Schedule

Perfect for the investor who can make tax claims on their property purchase.
We have a corporate discount applicable for our students.

Savings of $150

You may be wondering...

100% Happiness Guarantee

Change of heart? Cold feet? We offer a full refund within 72 hours. Simply submit request in writing to [email protected].